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SeeWay is one of the top-notch taxi booking app, providing its taxi booking services across different countries. The SeeWay app offers one-stop mobility solutions. The app connects users with a wide range of vehicles and well-examined drivers. SeeWay believes in offering a better travel experience with its advanced services. You can select the vehicle according to your needs and avail advance travel services with us.

The major motive of SeeWay is to enhance the transportation sector with advanced taxi booking services and most importantly deliver a secure and safe ride to our users. SeeWay was found with a mission to enhance the travel experience of a billion people and allows them to enjoy the best travel services at affordable prices.

about us

1 bn+

It is the number of rides served by SeeWay every year.

1.5 mn

It is the number of drivers partnered with SeeWay to offer better travel experience for users.


It is the number of cities where we offer our service to deliver you to your destination.


It is the number of employees work dedicatedly to deliver the advanced travel services to you.

The duo behind Seeway

It is the hard work and dedication of Mr. John and Mr. Martin, due to which they successfully delivered a top-notch application for taxi booking.

about us

Mr. Jan Skulavik


Mr. Jan Skulavik is the Co-Founder of SeeWay, one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing app. To complete his mission of enhancing the travel experience for a billion people, he started SeeWay with Mr. Martin. They both decided to work together as both had similar goals.

Before SeeWay, Mr. Jan Skulavik also worked in one of the Top IT companies and in that company, he learned about some of the latest technologies. After working for 2 years, he decided to develop an app that enhances the transportation sector. He put his whole dedication and focused on his goal and at last the result is in front of us.

Mr. Martin

Co-Founder and CTO

Mr. Martin is the Co-Founder and CTO of SeeWay, one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing apps and highly popular mobile app for transportation. To complete his mission of enhancing the travel experience for a billion people, he started SeeWay with Mr. John. They both worked together because of having the same goal.

At SeeWay, Mr. Martin leads data sciences, product, and engineering to ensure a well-built back-end system that enhances the experience of both riders as well as drivers. With his knowledge of the latest technologies, he played a major role in delivering innovative services in SeeWay.

about us

Your safety drives us

The major focus of our services is to ensure the safety of your ride. Through our advanced features, well-maintained vehicles, and qualified drivers, we deliver better travel experience with proper safety for you. Our taxis contain advanced safety features that can be helpful in any emergency.

about us